Bronx-born, I'm a pianist and producer at heart. My love for music drew me to design, and growing up surrounded by art fueled my exploration of various mediums. Additionally, my extensive background as an arts educator, teaching high schoolers in Providence, RI, furthered my creative approach.  


What I do but not limited to:
  • 2D/3D Motion Design (Blender, After Effects, Illustrator.)
  • Adobe Creative Suite for concept, ideation, storyboarding, designing decks, etc.
  • Figma design workflow & prototyping.
  • Website management (Cargo, Figma, Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix.)
  • Color theory, photo composition & framing principles.
  • Organizing assets, getting things done.
  • Collaborating!

I’m not afraid of:
  • Challenging myself
  • Learning new programs or workflows
  • Meeting new people 
  • Pitching & public speaking
  • Receiving feedback

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