Jobanny Cabrera, self-taught composer and producer, is a testament of what music and intentional evolution can do. Growing up between New York and Rhode Island, Cabrera’s taste is informed by Caribbean, classic rock, disco, and techno textures. After much begging, they finally received the gift of their first keyboard as a kid and diligently taught themselves to play at advanced levels. From then on, Jobanny has pioneered a path for themselves in the world of producing and composition. It wasn’t long before they made a name for themselves in their surrounding communities. Under the alias “Multiplexxx” they released a project, Roachgrip, in which they broadened their collaborative network throughout and beyond New England. ︎︎︎

This was their final project before shedding the anonymous stage name and stepping into their truest name, deepening their musical breakthroughs. Since then, they have had numerous commissioned works and solo releases, leading up to their debut album Cabrera which is set to hit all streaming platforms in Spring 2023. As a lifelong learner and engineer-spirit, Jobanny embraces every part of the creative process. They are responsible for majority of their album visuals, their own website design and even create their own hand-made merch. Jobanny’s embracement of sound mixture and genre bridging produces soundscapes fit for TV and film. Their unique sound and debut album is sure to impress and turn heads in the industry as we know it.