Album Title: CABRERA
Release Date: 4-21-23
Artist: Jobanny
Mix: Jobanny
Recorded/Mastered: BeatBox Studios
Featuring: Cuphasol, Bucket Boheme, Sethonbass, Isaiah Fayerweather, Yumi, Kairo Saint, Soproperous, Storm Ford.

Front Cover Shot by SWNKS
Back Cover Shot by Jobanny Cabrera
Creative Direction: Jobanny Cabrera
Typography: Jobanny Cabrera 
3D Assests: Jobanny Cabrera

CABRERA is a project directed and composed by me,  which debuts an amalgamation of artists from different backgrounds that I have had the pleasure of building an artistic community with. This project has primarily been produced throughout different studios in the New England area. Beatbox Studio was a pivotal birthplace for the process and the people that would make the vision for this album clearer. Some of the collaborators on this album include Storm Ford, Kairo Saint, Yumi, Cuphasol, Bucket Boheme, and more. This project will not only set the tone for me as an upcoming artist, but for the entire city I am proud to represent.